Whitehill Sent You

Smith Island Baking Company

June 30, 2012

Photography by Michael C. Wootton

Smith Island, the setting for my novel Deadrise, is mysteriously beautiful, inhabited by genuinely good people, and filled with flavors and aromas that will delight all palates.

Fellow Eastern Shoreman Brian Murphy founded a burgeoning business on the traditional Smith Island cake, now officially designated by decree as Maryland’s State Dessert. In former times, thin layers separated by fudge (instead of more buttery frostings) and then sealed all around with—you guessed it—more fudge, kept the cakes fresher for longer. Don’t worry. You will never have to test this theory. Your cake will be devoured long before time could harm these addictive creations.

Kristen Smith, the company manager, will walk you through the many choices. If you have any food allergies, she will find something in which you can safely revel. And they ship all over the world in beautiful decorative tins. I know from personal experience that these cakes make unique, fantastic gifts your friends will never forget.

Tell them Whitehill sent you.

Smith Island Baking Co.