Whitehill Sent You

Project Censored

September 3, 2013


Project Censored, in my opinion, is a very important non-profit media outlet for newshounds who do not feel that mainstream info-tainment corporations are living up to their legacy of reporting news that really, truly matters.

Log on to www.ProjectCensored.org for a quick sample of stories that have been ignored by major news outlets because the executives feel you are not sophisticated enough, or interested enough, to explore them.  I think you can handle the truth.

One important peer reviewed article that was denied the light of day by a leading psychology publication deals with the American military’s rejection of Resilience Training to help prevent soldiers from suffering debilitating psychological trauma during deployment in a war zone.  Hold it.  Shouldn’t American soldiers get the best training available?


Project Censored also has radio programs for those times when you cannot read.  Their stories are painstakingly vetted, and non-partisan.  This outfit is not a bastion of paranoid conspiracy theorists.  Project Censored offers important journalism that folks in the media boardrooms don’t think you’ll care about.  Again, I am one of a growing number who think the corporados are wrong.

I give monthly support to Project Censored.  I hope you will take a moment to see, not the stories you’ve been missing, but the stories that various vested interests want to keep from you.

Tell them Whitehill sent you.