October 31, 2013

Light of the World is yet another astounding work of great depth, insight, and dramatic tension by James Lee Burke.

Burke releases Robicheaux once again.

Burke releases Robicheaux once again.

The antagonist is a wretched monster.

Robicheaux is as much teamed with, as pitted against, his dearest friends, his beloved daughter, and flaccid police, and they all want a piece of this new arch villain. All the while, Robicheaux is both tortured and taught by his most horrific and traumatic recollections of war and his work in law enforcement. I am still reading the Robicheaux back list, but I had to fast forward through the canon and read the latest right away. Thank you once again Mr. Burke for showing us how it’s done.


I hope my own hero, Ben Blackshaw, will one day be so great as Robicheaux and his wonderful cadre. Robert Blake Whitehill Deadrise (the Ben Blackshaw Series)

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