Robert Blake Whitehill

Photography by Michael C. Wootton

  • Nitro Express is an exciting, fast-paced thrill-ride even better than the first. I couldn’t read fast enough, and was racing through the pages to reach the conclusion, which blew me away. Fans of action, suspense, speed, and big guns will not want to miss this.

    - Brinda Glatczak, Editor in Chief,
  • If you thought lightning couldn’t strike twice for an author, then this book proves you wrong. Whitehill brings his literary best with Nitro Express.

    - Cyrus Webb, Host of Conversations LIVE, Editor-In-Chief of Conversations Magazine
  • Deadrise takes the thriller/espionage genre to another level by introducing a character whose cultural background is more important than his military experience.

    - Marc Dykeman, Chester River Runoff
  • Brimming with intrigue, mystery and the type of steady action that will keep any reader alert, TAP RACK BANG draws you in and holds you captive with every page.

    - Cyrus Webb, Host of Conversations LIVE, Editor in Chief, Conversations Magazine
  • Fast moving and engrossing from the first page, GERONIMO HOTSHOT pulls the reader along at gunpoint through Blackshaw’s quest for personal redemption

    - Adam Stephan Gubar, Screenwriter, Summer Bridge, Section 8
  • Robert Blake Whitehill takes Ben Blackshaw and the series to a new, darker level with GERONIMO HOTSHOT.

    - Gail Priest, Author of Annie Crow Knoll: Sunrise
  • For readers who enjoy a good story that combines fast-paced action and adventure with not a little bloodshed, humor and savvy political commentary, Tap Rack Bang will not disappoint!

    - David Wertheimer
  • This cracking good tale of mysterious fortune combines irreverent characters, history driven invention, snappy dialogue, artfully managed conflicts, and startling surprises in a sensational count-down-style treasure hunt.

    - Anita Campos, Blue Crabs, Hon

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