Whitehill Sent You

The Bookplate

October 28, 2014

BOOKPLATE-1One of the Chesapeake Bay Region’s finest resources is a place called The Bookplate. Amidst the stacks of Chestertown, Maryland’s independent bookstore, owner Tom Martin curates an amazing collection of beautiful signed first editions, classics, and brave new titles available for sale. It reminds me of a cozy Olde Worlde salon where a reader can meet a writer and get to know the real story behind the story. I can sometimes be found signing and inscribing the Ben Blackshaw Series for readers who love thrillers set around the Chesapeake. Yes, for the days I am not there, Tom always keeps a stash of signed copies at the ready. But beware friends. When you enter The Bookplate and begin to explore, Time has a very pleasant way of standing still.