Chesapeake Bay

July 8, 2012

My dear friend,

I know the Chesapeake Bay as the home waters that fed me, and taught me seamanship when I was a boy. Now she is in peril. Perhaps, like me, you love boating on her waves. Maybe you earn your living from her. Maybe your only sight of her is that sweeping, expansive vista that snatches, catches, and arrests your eyes as you drive cross the bay bridge. In moments like that, she can lead you like a siren to wreck your car against a guardrail. Wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened…

Of course, there are many Samaritans who want to stop the murder of the Chesapeake Bay from taking place. I think we lovers of the Chesapeake are outnumbered. I think we should still try.

There will be other topics dealt with here, but for now, it’s going to be all about that most majestic body of water, the aquasphere, the ecoscape of the Chesapeake. Won’t you share ideas in the comment section about how we can work together?

Please know you have my best regards ’til next time,