Whitehill Sent You

The Blue Heron Café

October 27, 2014

Blue HeronThe Blue Heron Café offers a Chestertown, Maryland dining experience one absolutely should not miss. The owner, Paul Hanley, oversees a regional menu replete with seafood taken directly from the Chesapeake Bay. The award-winning Oyster Fritter alone is worth the visit. On the strength of that particular delicious offering, my family has affectionately nicknamed this restaurant The Blue Heroin. The fritter is simply that addictive. As with any fine dining establishment with both traditional and innovative dishes expertly prepared, and professionally served in an atmosphere perfect for a quiet meal or a larger festive gathering, it will require many delightful stopovers to sample all the offerings. For my family, no visit to Chestertown is complete without at least one, and usually several meals there.