Whitehill Sent You

Blue Crabs, Hon

July 2, 2012

If Whitey Schmidt is the dean of the Beautiful Swimmers, then Anita Campos is their absolute and preeminent doyenne. On her Facebook page, Blue Crabs, Hon (with the comma), and her website and blog, she tirelessly lists preparation trends, eateries, environmental influences, and legislation affecting her favorite food no matter where it swims, from Louisiana to the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Her sources are highly placed, and faster than a speeding Tweet. Her effervescent wit and wisdom will not soon be forgotten. To paraphrase what I wrote about Maynard Chalk in Deadrise, Ms. Campos puts the gator in news aggregator. Log on to her site, and LIKE Blue Crabs, Hon on Facebook.  Read a few posts. Once she has her pincers in you, you’ll never let her go.

Tell her Whitehill sent you.